Energy, focus, resilience

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Why Balao Yoga…
  • Having first hand experience working in the corporate world, I know the pressures and challenges that individuals and organisations alike face and have used my yoga practice to manage these efficiently
  • I understand the importance of culture in organisations and work closely with you to make it successful. I just don’t teach yoga but integrate it to your work culture and wellness program so that it is an organisation’s success
  • I tailor my program to make it suit your needs.
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Benefits that participants may experience are:
  • reduced stress by releasing tension through movement, breath and relaxation
  • focused and calmer mind which increases our concentration and efficiency at work
  • becoming more resilient
  • better body posture and strength reducing back, neck and general muscles pain
  • greater energy level which helps to strengthen our immune system
  • better work relationships and work morale.
In today’s environment, being an employer of choice is paramount and organisations have all interests to invest in the wellbeing of their people to increase efficiency, culture and retention. Having a yoga class at your premises offers people an easy way to improve their wellbeing and show them that the company cares.

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